the law of nature…

I’ve read about people in traditional and serious careers like accounting, law and medicine packing up their suits and shiny shoes and running away to become a movie star or the lead singer of a band. Or an artist. Less commonly, I think, we hear about ‘creative’ types squaring up, tying back their hair and launching into fields of conservative study. But that is exactly, as it happens, what I’m doing.

I’ve been a painter all my life and I still continue to paint. I’ve lived my own hours and made studios from fields but I’ve found myself more and more inextricably drawn to the Law. And not because I thought it was awesome. It was precisely it’s failings that drew me. After years of long and complicated conversations with friends over red wine and political ┬áissues I decided to stop gas-bagging and do something. So, I got myself into Law school. Although I had no lucid vision in mind of where that path would lead I knew for certain I would pursue a career in Human Rights. Indigenous issues would factor into the equation. Women would play a key role in my work. And I would take the Law to task. But, the strangest thing happened. The more I read, the more I found myself in awe. While miserably awry at times, the Law was showing me a thing or two about respect.

I have a serious crush on the Law.

So, being currently in the eye of the storm between trimesters, I’ve taken the opportunity to put a few words down about how a wide-eyed artist finds herself buried in textbooks and contrition. I underestimated the Law. I admit it. I definitely lost the first round. But one day, when the Law is off it’s game, I’m going to come from left field and kick a Human Rights goal. Well. That’s the plan.


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